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Somerville's 78 Raymond Wishes You a Happy New Year

Welcome to Triple-Decker Thursday, a feature on that Greater Boston institution, the three-level apartment building.

The 2,559-square-footer actually hit the sales market a few days before the calendar clicked over, but with a clear message in its listing nonetheless: "HAPPY NEW YEAR! These deals don't come along very often." Is 78 Raymond Avenue, though, an "investor's dream," as the Keller Williams listing also promises?

Everything's been updated in the building's three units, so there's that. More importantly, perhaps, is its location: right near Tufts and not far from Davis Square and its T stop. Speaking of the T! Seventy-eight Raymond also resides near a future stop on the Green Line, once SomerVision is seen through to completion. Finally, all three leases in the triple-decker are up for renewal in August. Rent hikes, anyone? So, yes, from an investor's standpoint, not terrible. Yours for $799,000.
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