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Another 'Officially Insane' Sale Around Davis Square

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Or maybe not. When we reported last week that two nearby Somerville houses might both trade in the low seven figures around the same time, a reader wrote in to say that "Davis Square prices are officially insane now." Are they? We report, you decide.

The 2,264-square-foot, 3-BR, 3-BA Unit 2 at 5 Hall Avenue bills itself as "right off College Avenue in Davis Square." It hit the sales market about four and a half months ago; and has now found a buyer at an asking price of $989,000. That's around $436 a square foot—not cloud-cuckoo-land in terms of askings, but not cheap by Somerville standards. Were it to close for $989K or thereabouts, would that be an "insane" price for Davis Square? Let us know.
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