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$550K Gingerbread; Least Expensive Beachfront Listings; More!

Time to check in with the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod.

CAPE COD—Behold, the 15 least expensive beachfront listings, from Bourne to Provincetown.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Gingerbread cottage cuteness in Oak Bluffs, the '80s is alive and well in Mashpee and more: Curbed Comparisons is digging into the listings to find out what $550,000 can buy you around Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Napping toddlers, kids with kites, and frolicking whales are apparently the newest marketing technique by way of brokerland. Check out the latest in strange, weird and terrible listing photos to see for yourself.
TRURO—We're off to the Outer Cape for our weekly asking price guessing game. Any idea how much a renovated antique—with a surfboard kitchen counter!—located in the National Seashore might be asking? This way to play!