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Eat These Sliders; Eat This Ramen Lasagna; More!

Time for a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

HUB-WIDE—Why eat one giant sandwich when you can sample several different types in miniature? Here's a round-up of 11 of the greatest sliders that Boston has to offer.
DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Winter is for comfort food, like ramen and lasagna. And now...ramen lasagna. Thanks, jm Curley.
ALLSTON—More details have emerged on The Glenville Stops, which will open in Allston in late February. The menu was briefly posted online before disappearing, but it included dishes like chicken gizzard pinchos, roasted chicken, and ceviche.
MYSTERY LOCATION—The Alpine Restaurant Group, which is behind Posto and The Painted Burro, is not only opening a second Burro location this year, but it also has a mysterious new concept in the final planning stages. No other details are available at this time, but a peek at Alpine's founder's LinkedIn page reveals that the company might eventually expand the existing concepts to more locations, even out of state.