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Southie's Change-y Lower End Has a New Name

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A billboard above the old Quiet Man Pub in Southie carried an email address with the massage, "This corner needs a name." Called the Lower End for the longest time, that corner of the neighborhood bounded by Dorchester Avenue, West Broadway and A Street did seem to need something in the Monikers Department to emphasize the scope of its change.

Developments like 11 West Broadway (pictured), with its first Southie Starbucks beyond the waterfront, the Allele luxury condo and the pet-friendly Residences at 50 West Broadway have gelled with new retail, including restaurants and cafes, to give the once gritty area, best-known as a hangout of mobster Whitey Bulger, a whole other feel. Gentrification, that's the word we're going for—gentrification.

So! Someone suggested "Broadway Village" as a new name via the email on the billboard. And more than half of the voters in a subsequent online poll agreed. There you have it then: Broadway Village is the new Lower End. Whether it sticks or not... stay tuned. Southie is, after all, Boston's changing-est neighborhood.
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11 West Broadway

11 West Broadway, Boston, MA