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Tripping the Boston Micro-Apartment Fantastic

As everyone knows, micro-apartments are the most important thing to happen to Boston since the British evacuation in 1776. Yet no one really knows if they'll appeal long-term to renters and buyers given their high costs. It's with this uncertainty in mind that we gape at this 360-square-foot condo that just hit the sales market at an undisclosed address in Bay Village. It does not explicitly market itself as a micro-apartment; still, we imagine it has long-term appeal given its freaky-deaky wallpaper, lighting and color schemes.

The recently renovated condo is asking $349,000—or a rather hefty $969 a square foot. Though can you really put a price tag on the solar system in your living room? Thinking big in micro spaces! You have your micro-apartment motto, Boston. Go.
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