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Yup, It Looks Like Apartments for South End's 775 Harrison

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We put out the Curbed Bat Signal on Friday, asking you for any information you might have re: the former Jesuit Urban Center and Church of the Immaculate Conception at 775 Harrison Avenue in the South End. And you responded (the site's owner, GTI Properties, and everyone's favorite rubber stamp, the Boston Redevelopment Authority, did not). In early October, GTI hand-delivered a letter to the BRA, asking permission to move forward with a residential conversion plan.

The new complex would have approximately 62 apartments, ranging from 4-BRs to studios, with most of them located within the converted church itself. In addition, GTI would build three townhouses at the site, also rentals. Though the church is quite aged, it's not a designated Boston landmark. Still, GTI in its letter recognizes it as one of the "architecturally significant properties" it assures the BRA it has experience in redeveloping.

The BRA so far does not appear to have taken any action on GTI's request for redeveloping 775 Harrison into the latest addition to this busy, busy slice of the South End. Stay tuned.
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