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W Palace Comes with Musical Toilet, Smokeless Fireplace

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When the archaeologists many, many centuries from now hack through the rock and uncover our civilization, may they find this new listing for a sumptuous spread in the W Boston. Not only is it resplendent in the typical bells and whistles of ultra-luxury Boston, including access to the complex's higher-end hotel amenities, it features a remote-controlled, heated toilet that plays music and that typically retails for at least $6,000. Here is a YouTube from manufacturer Kohler that is surely (we hope) the most earnest toilet marketing you will ever see. Unit 24C, which comes fully furnished, also includes one of those smokeless fireplaces.

The 1-BR, 1.5-BA, 872-square-foot condo with uncommon Common views and one garaged parking space wants $1,245,000. But can you really hang a tag on that commode?
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W Boston

100 Stuart Street, Boston, MA 02116