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That $25,000 Millennium Place Rental? It's Leased

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We told you Tuesday about how Penthouse B at Downtown Crossing's game-changing-est condo had hit the rental market for an oddly non-crazy $25,000, one of so many Millennium Place units to turn to leasing in the few months that the complex has been officially open. Well, within a few days it found a tenant.

The 2,313-square-foot spread, which includes a 1,000-square-foot, L-shaped terrace, has been leased for that full $25,000 a month. And! It drew so much interest, according to a source close to the deal, that the listing by Craig Anne Lake of Luxury Residential Group had to be removed from the region's multiple listing service almost immediately after being posted (Lake declined to comment for this post). Mad, mad, mad world is Boston real estate.

Incidentally, the penthouse traded sales-wise for $3,325,000 in early December, joining a plethora of trades. Still, lots of rentals there. Are we wrong to think that that ruins the building's game-change-y rep? Let us know through the comments button to the upper right or the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline.
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