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Priciest Sales of 2013; 'Utterly Adorable' on Chappy; More!

Time to visit the sunniest blog in New England, Curbed Cape Cod.

WELLFLEET—Finalists for Curbed Cup 2012 2013 were exactly the same as last year: Provincetown and Wellfleet. Alas, there can only be one winner and for the second year in a row, the Seacoast of Bohemia was voted the Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year.
CAPE & ISLANDS—Is it just us, or do the 10 11 most expensive sales of 2013 (above) make the insane asks for the Cape & Islands' 20 most expensive listings seem even more absurd?
CAPE & ISLANDS—The latest in strange, weird and terrible listing photos: brokerbabble in the attic, creepy dolls and then some!
CHAPPAQUIDDICK—We're off to Chappy for our weekly asking price guessing game (above). This woodsy three bedroom has been updated and now features a "dog house" basement entry. Any idea how much the "utterly adorable" retreat might be asking? This way to play!