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The Most Expensive Boston Condo Sale of 2013

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Boy, is our face red. On Dec. 23, we ran down the 10 priciest condo deals of the year that almost was. Turns out we should've waited a few days: The sale of the biggest spread at the brand-new Chanel No. 6 on Newbury Street closed Dec. 27 for quite a bit.

The 5,900-square-footer listed by Campion & Co. sold for $7,817,500. That's enough to make it the most expensive Boston condo trade of 2013, nearly $700K ahead of second-place finisher, Unit 1004 at The Heritage on the Garden. But! That closing for Unit 601 at 4-6 Newbury Street, which includes a Chanel store on the lower floors, was below the last asking price of $7,965,000. (So much for the Real Estate Word of the Year here.) And! All of Chanel No. 6's units are being delivered as shells—luxurious shells in a fabulous location, but shells nonetheless. There are, in other words, renovation costs built in to the titanic price tag. Still, allow us: Wowza!
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4-6 Newbury St. Parking Garage

4 Newbury St, Boston, Massachusetts 02116