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Parking-Spot Savers; Cambridge Net Zero; Southie Project

BOSTON—Hizz-incoming-oner is cool with them after a storm of this magnitude: "People of Boston, your lawn chairs, toilets and other venerable snowstorm parking-spot savers will be safe under the Walsh administration — for now." [Herald]
CAMBRIDGE—It can be a confusing topic, as enunciated by Mayor Henrietta Davis: "Net zero construction policies are more mainstream than many councilors seemed to know, she said, but 'We don't know yet what ours is, or if there'll be a net zero policy.' Her attempts to articulate further, though, despite her environmental work over the years, two April votes and even having put together and attended a panel discussion on the topic, did not clarify much." [Day]
SOUTH BOSTON—Residents will get another look at 45 West 3rd Street: "Proposed for the 42,800-square-foot Cliflex Bellows site, which the developers have under an agreement to purchase, the building would be split up into four interconnected sections bound by A Street, West 3rd Street, Athens Street, and the South Boston Bypass Road." []