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Waterside Place Officially Joins the Party in Fort Point

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'Tis the grand opening today for the 20-story, 236-unit Waterside Place at 505 Congress Street in busy, busy Fort Point. Above's a floorplan for one of its 3-BRs.

Those go for around $5,600. The 2-BRs are asking $4,000 or thereabouts; and the 1-BRs more than $2,700. They range in size from 486 square feet for 1-BRs, 1,058 square feet for 2-BRs and 1,329 square feet for 3-BRs. Waterside Place also includes 7,000 square feet of obligatory innovation space (it does fall in the Innovation District, after all, probably) and 10,000 square feet of retail. And! In keeping with one of the meta-trends in Greater Boston residential development, it's transit-oriented: Its on-site parking has direct access to the Silver Line's World Trade Center stop.

Waterside Place is merely the latest Fort Point opening recently. The 202-unit 315 on A, home of 20-Minute Living, had its own grand opening earlier this month. And, lest you think that Waterside Place's apartments can't command the rents it's asking, check out nearby Factory 63. Its 597-square-footers are grabbing $2,400-plus a month. Ah, Boston circa 2014.
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Innovation District

1 Marina Park Drive, Boston, MA 02101

315 on A

315 A St, Boston, MA 02210

Waterside Place

Congress Street, Boston, MA