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Cambridge Most Exciting Suburb; Atmark Grand Opening; More!

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NORTH CAMBRIDGE—The 428-unit Atmark, part of so, so many new apartments near Alewife, held its grand opening on Wednesday night. The S'Mores bar, we're told, was a big hit. [Bozzuto]
CAMBRIDGE—We feel the excitement every day: "Cambridge, MA is unquestionably America's most happening 'burb." [Movoto]
DORCHESTER/ROXBURY—They unfold over 25 sites: "The city of Boston has close to 66,000 square feet of vacant land along Blue Hill Avenue in Roxbury and is looking for buyers." []
HUB-WIDE—Speculation abounds as to the fate of the region's housing market: "But Timothy M. Warren Jr., chief executive of Warren Group, said the market may already be cooling. December sales slipped below their 2012 level, the second consecutive month of year-over-year sales declines." [Globe]