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Boulud in Boston; Yelp Spats; More!

Time for a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

BACK BAY—An employee at Asanaat the Mandarin Oriental confirms the long-standing rumor that renowned international chef Daniel Boulud is taking over the restaurant. It'll officially happen in September, but Aaron Chambers, the former executive chef of Boulud Sud in New York City, is already on the scene in the Asana kitchen.
THE INTERNET—This week in social media spats, the chef at Zebra's Bistro and Wine Bar in Medfield took to Instagram to vent about a "mentally ill raging alcoholic" thanks to a one-star Yelp review.
HUB-WIDE—Lacking Super Bowl plans? Here's a round-up of places where you can watch and eat delightful junk food, as well as restaurants that are offering special delivery or pick-up packages. Lobster roe popcorn, anyone?
HUB-WIDE—Maps, maps, and more maps. First, take a look at this collection of great dishes around town that incorporate beer, like the biersuppe at Bronwyn. Then, move on to the first Eater Boston Mid-Day Meal Map, a new series dedicated to tracking down the best weekday lunch options in neighborhoods that are office-heavy. The first edition: around North Station, including selections in the West End and the North End.