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Yoga, Bikes Changing Somerville's Magoun Square Forever

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It was probably inevitable, given SomerVision, the Green Line extension and that Brooklyn branch office in the city, but Somerville's Magoun Square is apparently gentrifying at breakneck speed.

Three realities on the ground in Magoun mean this change, for better or worse, is for real.
· The Somerville bike path will reach the area this spring. Bikes: Gentrification's prophet.
· Fresh residential development like the yoga-studio-ed Maxwell's Green have attracted a new cohort of younger, hipper residents (again, we're saying this is for better or worse).
· Residential prices in Davis Square have rocketed into cloud cuckoo land in some regards. Magoun is becoming the Somerville to Davis' Cambridge.
We should also add it's right near Tufts. College kids never hurt anyone's real estate.
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Maxwell's Green

Lowell Street, Somerville, MA