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Boston's Urban-Farming Seeds; Hub's Weight Loss; More!

DORCHESTER/ROXBURY—Boston is really trying to cultivate urban farms: "The Department of Neighborhood Development recently released guidelines for bidders for three lots in Roxbury and Dorchester, which the city expects will work well with the zoning. If farms are developed on the lots, they would be the first to utilize the new zoning." []
HUB-WIDE—Ironic that you're probably reading this sitting down: The Greater Boston region is one of the nation's Top 5 for losing weight, according to a new analysis. [Trulia]
BOSTON—This is the median price per square foot: "The value for a home in Boston increased by about 27 percent in the past year, going from $361 in December 2012 to $458 in December 2013." [Movoto]