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Won't Someone Please Think of the Falcons in East Cambridge?

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EAST CAMBRIDGE—Bird is the word re: the ongoing plans to redevelop the old Sullivan Courthouse into offices, apartments and a grocery store patterned after Broadway Marketplace in Mid-Cambridge: "Goto also urged the developers to ensure the return of the building's falcons after construction, noting the birds' abilities in reducing pigeons, squirrels and rats. Board member Steve Winter asked the developers to do what they can to encourage the falcons to nest in the building, perhaps with appropriate architectural elements; board member Tom Sieniewicz reminded the meeting that the falcon is the mascot of Cambridge's high school, and also gently urged the developers to try to plan to reestablish or retain the falcons." [Day]
ALLSTON—Here are the changes to the Cambridge Street overpass: "The Massachusetts Department of Transportation said it will amend the plan to include the following: build a signalized pedestrian crossing at Mansfield Street; install physical barriers between bike lanes and vehicle lanes along Cambridge Street; maintain the existing left turn onto Highgate Street; design better accommodations for bicyclists at the Harvard Street intersection; and make other general improvements to the project's aesthetics, cleanliness and safety." []

Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

Thorndike Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141