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Here Are the Real Rents at JP's New 225 Centre Street

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Back in October, officials and developers snipped the ribbon on 225 Centre Street, the first project in a 14-property, achingly transit-friendly mega-development at Jackson Square in Jamaica Plain. Said mega-development is due to eventually produce more than 425 apartments and tens of thousands of square feet of fresh retail, office and civic space. Two-twenty-five Centre itself has 16,000 square feet of commercial space and 103 mostly market-rate apartments.
Officially, the market-rate rents are as follows: starting at $1,700 for a 1-BR; $2,200 for a 2-BR; and $2,850 for a 3-BR. Here are the rents in actuality, according to a pair of new listings: $2,900 for a 3-BR, 2-BA spreading over 1,225 square feet; and $2,650 for a 2-BR, 2-BA spreading 895 square feet and pictured above. And, yes, the dog with the ball and the rushing Orange Line train are part of the listing photos.
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Jackson Square

Jackson Square, Boston, MA