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Combined Units at 330 Beacon Form a Balconied Wonderland

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There are many things about Unit 63/64 at 330 Beacon Street to make one stop and take notice. The location for one: river-facing in Back Bay. The price tag for another: recently listed for $4,500,000. The sheer size: 14 rooms and 3,737 square feet. The elevator access to a private sixth-floor landing. The library with wet bar for some reason. On and on. Then there's this curious feature: 38 feet of balcony; not square feet—feet feet, as in length. There are also 56 feet of picture windows along a single wall, according to the Otis & Ahearn listing. · Our Million Dollar Babies archive [Curbed Boston]

330 Beacon Street

330 Beacon Street, Boston, MA