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Boston Olympics; Public Garden Frames; 1860 Aerial Shot

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BOSTON—Above is the first aerial photograph in American history. It was snapped from a hot-air balloon above Boston on this day in 1860 and is part of the collection at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. [BostInno]

DOWNTOWN BOSTON—The frames can be rotated to encapsulate that perfect shot: "In a new campaign with ad agency Hill Holliday, the nonprofit has installed three large picture frames around the park that visitors can now use to add an elegant flair to their photos." [Daily]
BOSTON—Mayor Marty Walsh now sees the Olympics as an urban-planning tool whatever the motives of private industry: "A private group of prominent Massachusetts businesspeople, led by Suffolk Construction chief John Fish, has been working since last year on a bid to bring the 2024 Summer Games to the city." [Globe]

Boston Public Garden

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