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Boston's Housing Shortfall as Seen From the Seaport

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The Fort Pointer has provided the handy map and listicles above to bird-eye residential development in Boston's Seaport District. The 22 under-construction or completed apartment and/or condo projects include such ballyhooed numbers as Factory 63, 315 on A and the Flats on D (oh, such names!). There's also Twenty Two Liberty, which topped out just this month. Add in the projects that are supposed to be completed before 2017, and you've got 4,099 total.

Impressive as that number might look, it is likely not nearly enough housing to keep pace with the population in the Seaport District (which, for our purposes here, includes Fort Point as well as some of more traditional Southie). In fact, according to the Fort Pointer, it represents a housing shortage waiting to happen, whatever the development in offices and hotels (or because of the development in offices and hotels).

Of course, Boston in general suffers under the crucible of a serious housing shortage, one the Walsh administration has started to address. Its plans call for more middle- and lower-income housing. We're going to go out on a limb and say that such housing will probably not go up in the Seaport. It's simply not worth it to developers to build anything but higher-end projects there, given the rents and prices Seaport developments can command (and it's unlikely the city could ever afford incentivizing private development in the Seaport on a large enough scale to make a difference).

Instead, the Seaport seems destined for a relatively slow trickle of ever-pricier housing. In that, it's kind of a microcosm for much of Boston's residential development of late, which luxury apartments and condos have dominated. Indeed, it's no longer a question of if Boston records a $20M condo sale, but when (and where). Maybe Everett's not looking so crazy after all.
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315 on A

315 A St, Boston, MA 02210