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Titanic Cut for Beacon Hill's 14 Chestnut and Its Triplex

'Round about two weeks ago the 7,308-square-foot townhouse at 14 Chestnut Street dropped for a cool $7,200,000. And why not? Recall that the building's triplex once rented for $19,000 a month. That unit alone boasts original details from the early 19th century as well as flourishes such as a private garden and an 800-square-foot deck. There's even a 50-foot-long library. Then there are two other units, each with two bedrooms. Altogether, 14 Chestnut has 22 rooms and eight fireplaces. Now the whole shebang has chopped its tag a whopping $305,000 to $6,895,000. Let's see if that does the trick. Dictatorially opulent Beacon Hill townhouses have not had that fast a time of it on the sales market.
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