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Savin Hill Condos Across From T Nixed Over Lack of Parking

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Few things are more contentious in Boston than parking or development. And a recent kerfuffle in Dorchester's Savin Hill proves the point pointedly. Recall that would-be developer David Higgins planned to plunk 14 condos atop the Savin Bar & Kitchen as well as a long-vacant lot off Savin Hill Avenue. How? Through cantilevering the condo over the eatery as rendered above, hiding the load-bearing beams behind a facade. (It's being done at 45 Stuart Street in the Theater District.) All seemed fine or at least proceeding apace.

Then the Columbia-Savin Hill Civic Association insisted Higgins include 15 parking spaces as part of the new development—despite it being across from the Savin Hill T station. Take it away, Dorchester Reporter's Lauren Dezenski: "At [Oct. 6's] discussion at the Little House on East Cottage Street, which became heated at times, Higgins told the civic association that he would walk away from the project if the association did not vote to support it despite his not delivering on parking. Seemingly hoping to call his bluff, the association still voted no."

Higgins walked away. It's not clear where the 14-unit project stands. But it is clear that Boston needs the 14 units. Stay tuned.
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