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Savin Hill Parking; Boston by Drone; Millennial Neighborhoods

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DORCHESTER—Big doings last night re: the proposed condo at 120 Savin Hill Avenue, the one stymied by a lack of parking—despite being across from the Savin Hill T stop. The planning subcommittee of the Columbia Savin Hill Civic Association voted last night to support the 14-unit project without parking. A full committee vote is expected in early November. Stay tuned. [Curbed Boston]
BOSTON—Allston leads the way in millennials percentage-wise but here are the rest of the best: "The Fenway (59.2 percent), Brighton (55.7 percent) and the North End (54.8 percent) round out the most popular neighborhoods for millennials. However, Dorchester has the highest total number of millennials, 28,441, and Brighton has the second largest 20–34 population with 25,507..." [Metro]

BEACON HILL—There are some trippy drone-powered videos of the Boston area going around, including the above of Acorn Street. [YouTube/BDCwire]