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Two New Somerville Projects Make Their Grand Entrances

'Tis no secret Somerville is undergoing profound changes. One of those changes in Brooklyn's branch office is new development. And two of those new developments are 625 McGrath and the Millbrook Lofts, both of which will mark their official debuts this morning with an event attended by Mayor Joseph Curtatone and developer Young Park of Berkeley investments.

Millbrook Lofts is going up in an old seven-story building in the Somerville-Cambridge borderlands once used for frozen food storage (it's rendered above). Berkeley plans to plunk an eighth floor on Nos. 9 and 39 Medford Street to create 100 studio, 1-BR and 2-BR apartments. At 625 McGrath, near go-go Assembly Square, there will be 34 apartments, almost all of them 1-BRs and 2-BRs with two studios and two 3-BRs thrown in for good measure.
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Assembly Square Mall

177 Middlesex Avenue, Somerville, MA