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Boxed In: Modular Apartments Pitched for West Roxbury

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Way back in the spring, developer Charles River Realty pitched a redevelopment of the old pharmaceutical factory on Lagrange Street in noted Roslindale neighbor West Roxbury into 62 apartments and 52 parking spaces. Big mistake. "It's gonna end up like a project!" shouted one local resident during a meeting about the plan. She explained she had moved to the neighborhood to get away from apartments and the people who live in them. Others threw their hands up over the parking situation: not enough, they said, not nearly enough. (Ain't that always the case in Boston building?) All looked lost.

Charles River is back with another plan. This one calls for 48 apartments and a whopping 75 parking spaces. It's still very much in the planning stages, but there is one detail of the scheme that really jumped out at us. Take it away, Universal Hub: "Because the new units will be built as modules in a factory for assembly on the site, construction could take just seven months. The proposed structure would be four stories on the Centre Street side and three stories near the Needham Line train tracks."

That's right. Modular housing in the city of pre-Civil War townhouses and Jazz Age Victorians. It's gotta be a first for the boxy stacks in Boston, right? Or awfully close? Let us know through the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. And, if there are any renderings out there, we want 'em.
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