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First Phase of Chinatown's One Greenway Topping Out

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The developers of the 312-unit first phase of One Greenway in Chinatown have set a date for its final-steel-beam-signing topping off: Tuesday, Oct. 7, 'round about 11AM.

Construction on One Greenway's 24-story North Building, which includes 217 market-rate apartments, started last fall (the stumpier South Building has yet to get under way). While its towers are nowhere near amongst the tallest new residential spires in Boston, the ultimately 363-unit One Greenway does occupy a significant spot in the city's real estate psyche. It's going up on the so-called Parcel 24, filling part of a section of Chinatown demolished in the 1960s to make way for the Southeast Expressway. Boston's urban infill continues.
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