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More Silver Maple Forest Arrests; 40 Trinity Place Question

BACK BAY—A reader writes in with an apropos question re: the planned condo-hotel tower at 40 Trinity Place: "Do you have any idea when the project at 40 Trinity is going to start? I see no activity at this site even though it was a go ahead now for almost a year. What is taking so long?" We open the floor to you, then. Any theories/answers can be sent via the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. [Curbed Boston]
BELMONT/CAMBRIDGE—The gloves are off over a planned development that could included around 300 residential units as well as hundreds of parking spaces: "With the removal of trees from the Silver Maple Forest continuing while a judge considers an injunction against the destruction, four people were arrested Friday crossing onto developer land in a protest —making a total of nine arrests at the site." [Day]