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'Your Home Is Killing You'—Let This Boston Development Help

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Did you know that sleep deprivation is associated with a 20 percent increase in premature death? Or that the long-term risks of chlorinated water include accelerated aging, increased vulnerability to cancer and hardening of the arteries? Or that the average total bacteria count per square inch on a doorknob is 8,643? Or did you know that the average person spends more than 12 hours a day looking at a screen (like you're doing right... this... second)? The developers of a new apartment complex at 19-27 Caldwell Street in Charlestown know. And they've come up with a concept that they've branded NeWell to create "homes that take care of you!"

A partnership of Forza Development, Hodara Real Estate and Saltshaker Holdings has redeveloped a two-family house and adjoining lots into 10 apartments spread across four buildings. These include 2-BR, 2-BA duplexes as well as 4-BR, 2-BA flats. Rents haven't been finalized but should be about $1,100 to $1,200 per bedroom (so between $4,400 and $4,800 for the 4-BRs). Construction is under way and move-ins could start as soon as Jan. 1, 2015. Each unit gets one parking space, too, though the Sullivan Square stop of the Orange Line (talk about bacteria-laden!) is nearby.

Here's the kicker, though, that really makes NeWell Caldwell stand out. Each of the 10 apartments will have health-friendly flourishes, including anti-microbial coating on doorknobs, faucets, etc., to fight germs; special bedroom lighting to simulate the body's circadian rhythms as well as blackout shading to do just that: black out outside light; and an air-filtration system to zap nearly all the bacteria floating around waiting to kill you. (BTW: The questions at the start of this item come from the developers' no-holds-barred marketing as do the handy infographics rendering the new apartments.) Tell every hypochondriac you know or just any prospective tenant scrambling about the madcap Boston apartment market right now.
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Sullivan Square

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