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What It Looks Like to Live Inside Boston's Priciest Listing

Last week we loosed the thunderclap of news that there was a deal pending for the long-, long-, long-listed Benjamin Mansion at 74 Beacon Street in Beacon Hill. Whether it goes for at or above or around its $13,950,000 asking price remains to be seen. What we do know is that the new owner will get a spectacular abode for whatever the final tag. Herewith, then, 23 envy-inducing shots of the Benjamin, with an emphasis on its interior (everyone seems to focus on the roof-top pool, for one thing). Behold the wine cellar, the walk-in closets, the redone kitchen and more. · Deal Pending for Benjamin Mansion, Boston's Priciest Listing [Curbed Boston]
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Benjamin Mansion

74 Beacon Street, Boston, MA