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Cheaper, Smaller Mansion Inexplicably Wins in Cambridge

And, now, the results of our latest Real Estate Deathmatch.

Our latest head-to-head, winner-take-all free-for-all pitted two Cambridge mansions in the chi-chi environs of Harvard Square against each other: the 6,351-square-foot 23 Hawthorn Street asking $4,500,000 vs. the 4,812-square-foot 138 Brattle Street asking $4,200,000. Both are not eyesores to regard. But only one could emerge the winner.

Somehow, in a game that tugs at the strings of fantasy, the cheaper, smaller house won—and handily so. That's right: 58 percent of you went with 138 Brattle, despite it being more than 1,500 square feet tinier than 23 Hawthorn. Care to share why you voted that way? We're all ears.
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Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138