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Long-Listed 198 Commonwealth Finds Buyer Asking $9.5M

'Tis an October for long-listed, titanically priced Boston townhouses to find buyers, apparently. First it was the Benjamin Mansion at 74 Beacon Street. Now it's 198 Commonwealth Avenue, which first hit the sales market in February 2013. It was asking a mere $8,900,000 at the time. Then it disappeared in September, only to reappear in February with the same listing brokerage (Campion & Co.) but a massively different price. This time it wanted $9,500,000. Well, there's a deal pending now for the townhouse at that amount. The 6-BR, 7,500-square-foot mansion comes with seven bathrooms (two halves); a brick patio out back; an au pair/in-law suite; three parking spaces; and plenty of Victorian-era flourishes throughout, including crown molding. Oh, and an elevator to all five levels. Stay tuned for the closing price.
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Benjamin Mansion

74 Beacon Street, Boston, MA