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Millennium Tower's Floor-Through Penthouse Asking $37.5M

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Wowza! A condo taking up the entire top floor of the under-construction Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing is being listed for a whopping $37,500,000. Needless to say (though we'll say it anyway) if it gets anywhere near that amount, it will constitute the biggest home sale, condo or otherwise, in Boston history.

The unit will infold over 13,000 square feet at the pinnacle of the planned 685-foot spire. It will also include a 2,500-square-foot deck and basically come as an unfinished shell for the monied buyer to mold.

To put the $37.5M listing price in perspective, bear in mind that the 26,000-square-foot Ames-Webster Mansion in Back Bay sold in March 2013 for $14,500,000. And a 6,829-square-foot penthouse at the Mandarin Oriental traded in June 2011 for $13,200,000 (that's the current Boston condo record). Moreover, the $37.5M asking is more than even what the most expensive mansion in the Greater Boston area is asking. The city's first $20,000,000 condo is, indeed, on the way.

Also noteworthy: So far contracts have been signed for 150 of Millennium Tower's 442 units. Prices range from $850,000 for a 759-square-foot 1-BR to 17 penthouses starting at $7,600,000 for a 3,300-square-foot one. Stay tuned.
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