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Back Bay's 40 Trinity and Its Lobby in the Sky Ain't Dead

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A reader asked earlier this week what the heck was the hold-up with the proposed 33-story redevelopment of the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center at 40 Trinity Place in Back Bay. Recall that the Boston Redevelopment Authority approved the condo-hotel hybrid late last year after copious hand-wringing over its size and scope (and its apparent potential to stir up earlobe-burning wind).

The project then moved along to Boston's Zoning Board of Appeals to get the necessary O.K.s for such a development. There it remains, awaiting review and likely rejection, only to return in different form for approval (that's how these things sometimes go). And then maybe construction? Were it to go up in its presently proposed form, 40 Trinity would have 220 four-star hotel rooms and 142 condos as well as 100 parking spaces and ground-floor retail. Its piece de resistance would be a two-story lobby starting on the 18th floor (rendered above). We'll see what happens.
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