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Hubway Unicorn; Libraries in Housing; Arborway Safety

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HUB-WIDE—Everyone's favorite bike-share program has selected its so-called Unicorn bike, which is exactly what it sounds like: a one-of-a-kind two-wheeler which can be found somewhere, someplace within Hubway's wider fleet. It's called the Emerald Explorer and was designed by artist Amy Fater. [Hubway]
JAMAICA PLAIN—There is currently no time frame for making the Arborway safer: "That stretch of the Arborway is known for high-speed car crashes, with the most recent one happening on Oct. 13.. [Gazette]
BOSTON—Here's an idea: "In a comment that's received little in the way of publicity, City Councilor Frank Baker has called for a hearing to discuss the possibility of locating public libraries within privately owned mixed-use or commercial buildings across the city. Neighborhoods like Savin Hill and Chinatown are not currently serviced by a Boston Public Library Branch and a mixed-use development in the neighborhood could house just such a branch." [Building Bos]

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