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More House, Less Land Does It in Milton Mansion Battle

And, now, the results of our latest Real Estate Deathmatch.

This was the most spirited contest we've ever had in terms of voter turnout. Two Milton mansions, each flirting with $3,000,000 asking prices, stepped into the ring early Friday morning and only one emerges victorious on Monday. That mansion is the monster at 1099 Brush Hill Road. It's got 10 fewer acre of land (give or take) then its vanquished foe at 1259 Brush Hill Road, but it comes with a ton more house: 7,551 square feet vs. 2,914 square feet. Plus, it's got central air, which seemed a must for many of you (1259 Brush Hill does not). The estate at 1099 Brush Hill, which is asking $2,989,000, won the deathmatch 78 percent to 22 percent. Burn.
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