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The Big What-If for Proposed 305-Foot Seaport Tower

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The family behind the James Hook & Co. seafood store has pitched plans to the city to build a 22-story glass spire off Atlantic Avenue at the entrance to the Seaport District. The 305-foot height, believe it or not, is wowza enough: It exceeds the 55-foot limit currently in place for buildings along Boston Harbor. That may change. Also uncertain is what might go inside the tower.

The development, designed by architectural busy-bodies Elkus Manfredi, would include a 9,000-square-foot Hook restaurant on the ground floor, complete with a dining deck next to the Fort Point Channel. Upstairs it's a different matter: It's not clear yet how many residential units there will be or whether they will be condos or apartments. The family is not only awaiting the necessary O.K.'s to build, but presumably the market to pivot one way or another. If it does go condo, the Hook tower would not be the first recent development to do so. If it swivels toward apartments, it would not by any stretch be alone. Stay tuned.
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