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Everett's Batch Yard Rolling In Trendy Food Truck for Buzz

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The newish Batch Yard in Everett: the Next Somerville[TM] has announced that this Thursday it will host the Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese food truck. Not only that, but the operation once featured on the Food Network will be doling out free lunches for a chunk of the morning and early afternoon. The marketing team behind the Batch Yard also kindly suggests that diners should feel free to tour the apartment complex if they're so inclined.

The Batch Yard had its grand opening almost a month ago, but leasing has been going on since August. Last we checked more than 80 percent of the complex's 328 apartments were still up for grabs at rents ranging from $1,605 for studios to $3,180 for 3-BRs. The Batch Yard has already chopped said rents by hundreds of dollars in some cases. At its grand opening, it served craft beer from local breweries. Now it's rolling in a foodie food truck and offering free grub. What more do you people want?
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