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Three Millennium Tower Penthouses Sell for Over $9M Each

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[Renderings of Millennium Tower penthouses via Ronin Advertising]

Last week brought the gong-rattling news that the topmost unit of the under-construction Millennium Tower in Downtown Crossing was retailing for $37,500,000—all but guaranteeing a Boston home-sale record. Last week also brought the revelation that the 685-foot game-changer would include 17 penthouses, including the 12,846-square-foot monster asking that titanic tag. Beyond that aggregate number, though, we got little in the way of specifics.

Now we have further details on Millennium Tower's penthouse, courtesy of a rep for developer Millennium Partners. The 17 units will be located on the 60-story tower's top five floors. They will range in size from 3,328 square feet all the way up to the nearly 13,000 square feet of the $37.5M spread. That spread also represents (obviously) the uppermost reach of the penthouses' price scale. The cheapest is asking $7,600,000.

And! Lest you think these numbers are much too Manhattan-like for Boston, know this: Three penthouses have already traded. Each went for at least $9,000,000; though the final closings are not yet known. We will go ahead, however, and venture this: Millennium Tower will be the most expensive/lucrative residential building in Boston history. Stay tuned.
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