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Find Out If Someone Died in Your Boston Home

These are not maps you probably want to see, yet we are sure you cannot look away. The top pinpoints properties where people have died; the bottom one is a heatmap of said data. They come courtesy of our pals at HotPads, who alerted us to, which is exactly what it sounds like: a way to find out if someone died in your apartment, condo or house. Just pay the fee, type in the address, and prepare to wish you hadn't.

It was started by one Roy Condrey, a South Carolina landlord frustrated that he couldn't easily find out the histories of his properties: "His site, which launched in 2013, uses a special algorithm that combs millions of records and returns a report with information stating any known deaths in the home, who died, when, the cause of death (if it can be found), list of previous residents, vital stats of previous residents and additional information about the death. Sometimes the results turn back deaths of individuals in homes from natural causes, other times the story is more complex."

You don't wanna know about those times. Or maybe you do? (It is almost Halloween.) Why not pick a pumpkin instead?
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