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Cafe ArtScience Opens; Vital Doughnut Updates; More!

Let's grab a bite of restaurant news with Eater Boston.

KENDALL SQUARE— Cafe ArtScience opens today, part of a kind of crazy restaurant/lab/gallery/design center with a rock star team behind it (Todd Maul, Tom Mastricola, Patrick Campbell, and Harvard professor/inventor David Edwards).
INMAN SQUARE— The BISq team has launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $15,000 to finalize the "little touches" and help propel the restaurant to a fall opening.

HUB-WIDE— Here are all the vital doughnut updates you need, tracking upcoming Boston-area doughnut shop openings.
ON TELEVISION— Boston's own Stacy Cogswell survives another episode of Top Chef and reflects on cooking at Fenway and more.