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How to Think About the Brand-New Boston Literary District

The Boston Literary District launched this week, covering copious amounts of blockage around the Common and Public Garden. How do we know this for sure? Via the handy map pictured above. From the nonprofit's website: "The map shows both event and program spaces located throughout the Literary District where readings, conferences, and other literary gatherings take place, and historic literary sites."

The map's points range from Jacob Wirth Restaurant at 31 Stuart Street, which Jack Kerouac wrote about and where thriller giant Robert Parker hung out, to 1 Milk Street, birthplace of Benjamin Franklin, to 9 Willow Street, where Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes may or may not have lived happily together. The map and the district it charts are therefore rather hodgepodge, roaming genres and centuries, but collectively strangely interesting. In short, it's a neat idea—and no more amorphous than, say, the Innovation District. That stuck.
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