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All Edgar Allan Poe Edition! Literary District, Poe Statue

DOWNTOWN BOSTON—Shame he hated the city: "About 150 people came to see the life-size tribute, called 'Poe Returning to Boston,' unveiled on the corner of Boylston and Charles streets. The statue is the result of years of fund-raising by the Edgar Allan Poe Foundation of Boston, which previously persuaded the city to name the corner where the statue now stands for Poe." [Globe]
DOWNTOWN BOSTON—Already with the navel-gazing re: the city's new Literary District: "Whether non-enthusiasts will embrace Boston's bookish offerings is less certain. It's possible that laypeople will partake in the plethora of free events offered in the district's calendar, but purchase themed items without being at all aware of their significance to the city's literary culture (pumpkin pie, for instance, is always excellent in fall, regardless of the fact that it was the only thing Edgar Allan Poe liked about his hometown)." [Atlantic]