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Your Dream Beacon Hill Townhouse Has to Have A/C

And, now, the results of our Real Estate Deathmatch.

This was one of the most spirited Real Estate Deathmatches yet, with the comments section lighting up and the voting fast and furious, especially at the start. The two combatants were as follows: the 5-BR, 4.5-BA at 91 Mt. Vernon Street asking $4,500,000; and the 6-BR, 6-BA at 4 Chestnut Street asking $4,995,000. Neither comes with parking and only one comes with central air. Four Chestnut was the townhouse with central air and it handily triumphed: 55 percent to 91 Mt. Vernon's 45 percent. One reader spoke for many: "I like the look of Vernon better, but yeesh paying $4.5M for no central air and no parking would NOT happen. There's beautiful condos/townhomes in other parts of Boston that offer those features at that price point or lower. No thanks."
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