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Hub Condo Performance; Somerville Zoning Music; More!

HUB-WIDE—David Bates has graded the performance of the Hub's major condo markets so far this year. Like: "I've been writing about the lack of sub-$500K condos in the Hub for the last six months. For every sub-$500K condo that was listed for sale on Aug. 26, there were at least five on the market on that day in 2010. Who is benefiting from the Hub's incredibly shrunken modestly-priced condo inventory? Dorchester." [Bates Report]
SOMERVILLE—This has gotta be a first: A Somerville resident Somerville has set the city's zoning regs to music. [Sound Cloud]
HUB-WIDE—Well, that's settled: Greater Boston is the fourth most affluent large metro area in the United States and the seventh overall. [Biz Journal]