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Millennium Tower; Millennial Woes; Fields Corner Art

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DORCHESTER—It's the word "freedom" in different languages laced together in a steel membrane: "A Spanish sculptor has been selected to create a permanent art display in a plaza near the Town Field playground in Fields Corner. A 10-member committee has awarded the commission to Juanjo Novella, whose 'Freedom's Home' submission was one of 144 considered in a year-long process ..." [Dot Reporter]
DOWNTOWN CROSSING—Construction continues apace at the ultra-expensive Millennium Tower, which is also ultra-tall for Boston: "But, should you happen to find yourself in New York City between now and 2016, you'll realize: Boston is a lot smaller and a lot shorter than we sometimes make it out to be. Yes, this is common sense, but it bears repeating." [BostInno]
HUB-WIDE—Newsflash! Millennials among those priced out of the region's rip-roarin' condo market: "Just take investment analyst Michael Comer and his wife, Maria Milcetic, a doctor. Both in their early 30s, the couple spent five grueling months on the hunt before they finally landed a tiny two-bedroom in the South End, shelling out well over $600,000 – $150,000 more than they had originally budgeted." []

Millennium Tower

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