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Eastie's Priciest Listing Is Definitely Asking Too Much

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And, now, the results of our latest Crazy/Not Crazy poll.

This one elicited quite the emotional responses. The property in question? A 1-BR, 2-BA penthouse in the Gumball Factory at 150 Orleans Street asking $799,000 for its airy 1,003 square feet, its big private deck and its copious closet space. The tag easily makes the condo the priciest listing currently on the market in East Boston, a neighborhood that seems on the cusp of ... something. Maybe not Somerville something, but something.

In the end, 57 percent of you dismissed the penthouse's $799K asking as crazy. From the comments section and the emails to the ever-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline, it appears your vote was a referendum not just on this particular property, but on Eastie in general circa 2014. "For only 1,000 square feet? I'd pay this price in Eastie, but only if it were twice the size," wrote one reader. "What's your problem with Eastie lately?," wrote another. Answer: nothing. Stay tuned. Changes are afoot.
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