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Flatscreen Over the Toilet? Must Be Boston's Luxury Market

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If the triple-threat trends of low inventory, a pithy construction pace and steady demand continue, pretty soon only the five richest kings of Europe will be able to own a luxury Boston condo. One case in point is Unit 21E, a 3-BR, 3.5-BA at the Clarendon in Back Bay. It dropped on the sales market Friday for $4,200,000 (which, to give you an indication of just how expensive the city's condo market has become, places it nowhere near the most expensive asking price in Boston). It's a nice enough number, 1,957 square feet in a full-service high-rise. But what really brings it home is the flatscreen in the john. Should a later society shift through our rubble in a thousand years' time, this listing photo will be lasting evidence of Boston's decadence circa 2014; or it'll just be good for a laugh. · Boston, It's Time to Admit You Have an Inventory Problem [Curbed Boston]
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