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Part-Time Uses for Parcel 13; Density Fight in Jamaica Plain

BACK BAY—Until a proposal is picked and executed for Parcel 13, how's about some use of the space in the meantime? "There is the potential to turn it into a community meeting space that pulls passersby off the street and into a local neighborhood cafe, bar or sandwich shop and shows that, prior to extensive development and investment, this site will be a success and what will successfully draw people to the space." [Building Bos]
JAMAICA PLAIN—The fight over condos at Washington and Green streets echoes a fight in Savin Hill: "Bill Reyelt, who owns property in the area and has long been a strong advocate for the revitalization of Washington Street, said 'if you can't find a way to build a 20-unit development on a site this near to a heavy mass transit station, we have lost a chance to build middle class housing. This is a neighborhood of million-dollar homes. There are very few opportunities like this near transit stations' ..." [JP News]